Understanding Our Operations

 Learn more about how to sort your load, tipping fees, hours of operation, safety procedures, wind and weather protocols, what can be recycled, litter and tarp policy, and your role in maximizing the life of the landfill.

Responsible Waste Management

 Since 1999, the BVWMC, through its staff and Board of Directors, have found cost-effective, sustainable solutions to minimize and repurpose waste without any cost to member municipalities.

Recovering Resources 

 As stewards of sustainable waste recovery and toward zero waste champions, we are active within our member municipalities and the region, sharing our know-how to encourage a circular economy.

Watch Wind & Weather

It is often very windy at our site compared to elsewhere in the Bow Valley. Surcharges are applied to uncontained litter and loads may be refused. See the details under “Facility Guide”.  Be sure to check out current conditions before leaving your job site.