2020 User Handbook now available

Oct 21, 2020 | News

Our new User Handbook is now available. This guide serves as a common understanding about how the Francis Cooke facility operates and how materials should be prepared prior to arriving at our site. The User Handbook also describes how fees and surcharges are assessed. We hope this understanding will allow all of us involved in the chain of responsibility for discarded material to work together in responsible waste management to ensure the Francis Cooke facility can run smoothly and is available to the Bow Valley community for as long as possible.
Please note, we are considering initiatives in 2020 which may affect your operations. They include:

  • Reducing tolerance for easily recovered material in landfilled loads to 10 per cent.
  • Clearly defining easily recoverable, unacceptable and illegal materials that must not be mixed in bins as landfill material.
  • Significantly raising the surcharge for uncontained litter in bins.
  • Charging renovation and demolition loads that contain easily recoverable material as “unsorted” loads.

Please contact us for more details and information about how these changes may affect you.

Download the new guide here.