Francis Cooke Site Tour

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The scale coordinates all unloading activity. Every one must check into the scale to be weighed and given proper loading or unloading instructions.
Material that must be buried at the landfill face is carefully compacted according to regulations to efficiently manage the available landfill space.
Discarded asphalt that has been crushed and processed is loaded for delivery to be used in new construction.
Leaf and grass waste is composted and then screened to be blended into marketable soil products.
Scrap metal is stored and then baled before shipping in order to fetch a higher price when sold for recycling into products such as re-bar.
A fresh load of Bow Vallley scrap metal baled and loaded at Francis Cooke is weighed for sale to a metal recycler.
If they are delivered free of plastic and metal asphalt roof shingles are ground up for use in other asphalt-based products.
Untreated lumber, strand board and other clean wood can be shredded for a variety of other uses.
Landfill resource recovery staff feed old construction lumber into our tub grinder. Screens can be used to produce the desired sizes of wood pieces.
The shredder reduces the size of scrub and brush while removing metal contamination in preparation for making mulch and topsoil products.
Tires are part of the Alberta Recycling Management Board program. Tire components are used in products such as mats and landfill substrate.
Clean drywall is stored, crushed and shipped to be blended with compost to take advantage of its soil amendment properties.