Presentations, Exhibits, Tours And TZW Certification

BVWaste conducts staff training and orientation, attends staff fairs, conducts tours of waste management and resource recovery facilities in the Bow Valley and can setup our BVWaste exhibit at public events. We can also drop by your institution or work place to check out your waste streams and provide advice on your next steps for moving Toward Zero Waste.


  • BVWaste Exhibit and Information Booth At Your Event
  • Presentation To Staff On Bow Valley Waste Management & Best Practices.
  • Examination Of Waste Streams And Provide Tips For Improvement.
  • Tour a Bow Valley Waste Management, Recycling Facility or Resource Recovery Facility.

Toward Zero Waste Certification

The Bow Valley Waste Management Commission has achieved dramatic success in keeping construction waste out of landfill disposal and has operated a popular Toward Zero Waste special events program in the Bow Valley. The success of these programs has occurred with the help of local businesses. Building on these initiatives the Commission is now interested establishing a local “Toward Zero Waste” certification program for businesses. Many Bow Valley businesses are strongly committed to responsible waste management practices and we have drafted a simple program to acknowledge responsible waste management achievements that can be documented within a given business or institution. If standards are met the Commission could issue an independent statement of certification at an entry level as well as higher achievement levels that could be displayed and included in business credentials. We hope this can be useful as a business marketing tool while encouraging local commitment to an efficient resource economy and environmental responsibility. Any businesses interested in discussing participation in the program may contact us at 403-673-2708.